5/1/20 Power Five

1. When States Make it Harder to Apply for Unemployment – “The state unemployment site kept crashing; the system told her she was missing required information. She called an overloaded call center more than a thousand times. She called her U.S. senator, then her state senator.” A recurring theme the last few weeks is that everything our government and political system implements is merely an arbitrary decision. We could choose to make it easy to apply for unemployment. We could choose to expand automatic stabilizers in time of distress. Or we can choose a dysfunctional system and continue to bemoan government inefficiency.

2. We Need a Stress Test for Critical Supply Chains – If CV19 slows down in the summer, how should the U.S. prep for a resurgence in the fall?

3. How Rich is Jeff Bezos? – An incredible visual showing how wealthy Jeff and the .01% really are in comparison to everyone else. Highly recommend.

4. Did Ancient Pompeiians Invent Recycling? – …”piles of garbage found outside the city’s walls and amid tombs on Pompeii’s outskirts, long believed to be simple refuse, were in fact “staging grounds” for reusable materials.”

5. Guggenheim Museum Offers Downloadable Books – Over 200 books from their collection, from Alberto Giacometti to Yves Tanguy.