4/27/20 Power Five

1. Is it Better to be a Hedgehog or a Fox? – Hedgehogs view the world through the lens of a single idea, where foxes draw from a wide variety. Society needs both!

2. The Three Epochs of Oil – “We argue that historically, the real price of oil has tended to be highly persistent and volatile whenever rapid industrialization in a major world economy coincided with uncertainty regarding access to supply.”

3. Saez & Zucman on Wealth Tax – …”That’s how billionaires such as Buffett, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg can live almost tax-free today. And that’s how the top 400 richest Americans have come to pay the lowest tax rate of any income group.”

4. How the George Foreman Grill Made History – “As many as 150 million units have been sold to date.”

5. Samin Nosrat Wants to Make Lasagna Together – Clear your schedule to clear a plate this Sunday.