4/23/20 Power Five

1. Thief Uses Sledgehammer to Steal van Gogh – Art crime is fascinating. How do you sell a stolen van Gogh? Who is buying it and do they really understand the immensity of the work? I imagine some mobsters out there having some pretty great bathroom art.

2. The Money Machine that Can Save Cities – States are going to be in big trouble soon. Instead of letting them go bankrupt, like McConnell suggests, economist Claudia Sahm offers a better solution.

3. The Collapse of the Energy Sector – “When oil peaked in the summer of 2008, the energy sector made up nearly 17% of the S&P 500. Today it just makes up 2.8%.”

4. Leaving Conservatism Behind – An essay on the conservative movement and one person’s personal journey to the left. With the Democrats nominating a less polarizing figure than their 2016 candidate, will more Republicans and Independents vote for Joe?

5. Food Expiration Dates you Should Actually Follow – The more you know.