4/21/20 Power Five

1. The World’s Dominant Ideology is Breaking – What Will Replace it? – “As Piketty notes, right-wing parties are exceedingly unlikely to be able to handle the twin crises of economic dysfunction and climate change. Since they generally rely on the support of the extremely wealthy, they are unlikely to seriously attack inequality, and instead will turn to frenzied bigotry to obtain mass support. Restructuring global trade and especially tackling climate change will require informed international cooperation — something that is totally at odds with right-wing hatred of foreigners and scientific expertise.”

2. How to Learn a Language in a Lockdown – Duolingo, Babble, Rosetta Stone…do any of them really work? Or is it more important that you’re doing something productive with your time?

3. Howard Marks on the Economy – “In short, it’s my view that if you’re experiencing something you’ve never seen before, you simply can’t say you know how it’ll turn out.”

4. The Truth About Isaac Newton’s Productive Plague – On alive time vs dead time and how to make the most of your opportunities.

5. Watch: AILA’AU: Forest Eater – 2018’s volcanic eruption on Hawaii’s big island, like you’ve never seen it before.