4/20/20 Power Five

1. Ray Dalio: Capitalism is Broken – Founder and Chairman of the world’s largest hedge fund wants to solve the disparities between rich and poor.

2. How Will Influencers Survive Their First Recession? – No travel, no shopping, no expendable marketing budgets – bailout the mommy bloggers?

3. Average Net Worth by Age and Education – Is the median net worth of U.S. households over or under $100,000?

4. CV19 Pushing Higher Education to the Brink – “When students shell out $50,000 a year to attend a school that admits a majority of applicants, they’re paying for a lot more than professors…but when education moves online” none of the fancy buildings or extra curriculars matter.

5. Fantastic Beasts and How to Rank Them – “One of the strangest things about the human mind is that it can reason about unreasonable things.”