4/19/20 Power Five

1. Beware of Experience Asymmetry – No matter the choice you’re making – Whether it’s investing, or choosing a career – determine what your informational advantage is. What do you know more about than anyone else? And how do you take advantage of it?

2. It’s Time to Build – Marc Andreessen’s great take on the current state of our society and where we go from here.

3. Lessons from a Banking Crisis of 1763 – “The modest scope of the 1763 liquidity intervention, together with the lightly regulated nature of the eighteenth century financial landscape, provide some informative contrasts with the events of late 2008.”

4. 6 Things to Know About Telehealth – I would venture to say that very few of you have actually used a telehealth provider, opting rather to see a physician in person. Why is that?

5. The Last Dance Syllabus – The first episode of ESPN’s documentary on Michael Jordan’s 97-98 Bulls championship run begins tonight. Must see TV!