4/17/20 Power Five

1. Munger and Buffett’s Phones are Not Ringing – As Berkshire sits on $125 billion, the next deal is not if but when.

2. Why BYU Receives more Federal Assistance than the University of Utah – A conservative student body and alumni network fights against the evils of big government with one hand, while keeping the other outstretched for pell grants and medicaid.

3. How Steinbeck Used a Journal – “Steinbeck had only two requests for the diary — that it wouldn’t be made public in his lifetime, and that it should be made available to his two sons so they could “look behind the myth and hearsay and flattery and slander a disappeared man becomes and to know to some extent what manner of man their father was.”

4. Bloomberg’s Book Recommendations to Make Sense of the Markets – Downturns are painful for everyone, but they also present extreme buying opportunities. Hospitality and airline stocks won’t stay low forever…

5. Which Fraudsters Will be Exposed? – Easy to run a scheme when the market is hot