4/16/20 Power Five

1. On Carnival and Cruise Industry Woes – Cruise liners knew they had a CV19 problem…but the parties kept going anyway.

2. Jeff Bezos’ Annual Letter – Highly recommend you download Jeff’s shareholder letters and read them sequentially. It’s amazing how far ahead he telegraphed the company’s direction and the heavy emphasis on strategic planning and corporate investment is obviously paying off.

3. Grieving With Brahms – We celebrate the stories of how founders build amazing companies and how athletes overcome all odds to be the best, but we don’t see a lot of arts and culture origin stories. This helps to answer – what made Brahms, Brahms?

4. How Much Poverty Could Rise – “Researchers suggest the poverty rate may reach the highest levels in half a century, hitting African-Americans and children hardest.”

5. Can Bullet Journaling Save You? – The Stoics kept journals to help manage their emotions and keep themselves accountable to their core beliefs. No matter the particular type of journaling you do, the most important part is that you actually do it and take time to self reflect.