4/12/20 Power Five

1. The Pope Calls for Universal Basic Income – Highly recommend Two Popes on Netflix. Pope Francis has always fought for the poor and needy and it’s refreshing to see him use his platform for good. In 2014, he called inequality the “root of all social evil.” The best time to listen was then. The second best time is right now.

2. America’s Century of Delayed Health Care Reform – Written in 2009, Jill Lepore explains why efforts to reform the US health system have failed. Remember, all current laws, procedures, and policies are a subjective choice! We could choose to have a well functioning government, an accessible health care system, and access to affordable education. But we choose not to.

3. Americans Will Struggle After Coronavirus – Great visualizations from the NYT visualization team. “Opening” the economy won’t fix the underlying issues…people will suffer for many more months.

4. On Pierogi – Polish food is highly underrated. “Tiny pillows of starchy joy, pierogi are best suited for those moments when an artery-clogging combination of carbs and fat is the only thing that can fill the void.”

5. The Getty Asks People to Recreate Paintings – Highly recommend. Chances are your local museum is encouraging creative interactions with their collection too.