4/11/20 Power Five

1. Utah Symphony Musicians Work from Home – The only good kind of work video conference calls!

2. Bananas and Communists – Why did the CIA oust the president of Guatemala in 1954? Just ask the United Fruit Company.

3. The S.E.C. Rule That Destroyed the Universe – On the origin of stock buy-backs and it’s contribution to inequality today. “S&P companies overall spent the size of the recent bailout – $2 trillion – on buy backs just in the last three years.”

4. Japanese Chef Draws Every Meal He Eats – 32 years of drawings! Respect the commitment.

5. Kurt Vonnegut’s Advice to the Young – A true American treasure, somehow underrated in society. This article summarizes key tenets of his commencement speeches, which should be read and reread.