4/9/20 Power Five

1. Stiglitz Wants You! (To Read More Fiction) – If you want to really understand the Great Depression or gain some empathy for the devastating impacts of poverty – read Steinbeck and particularly Grapes of Wrath.

2. America’s Social Safety Net Wasn’t Ready – It’s a dangerous cycle…you criticize the government, push for a smaller role, defund programs, etc. Then the time comes when you really need government intervention and but become too weak so you criticize again more that it’s not effective.

3. Time to Move Past Employer-Based Health Insurance – While I agree that health insurance cannot and should not be tied to your job (just ask the 16 mil + who are unemployed), it’s really easy to write these pieces now that Bernie is out of the race. Takes courage to fight for candidates and policies you believe in, when your opinion actually matters!

4. This is Trump’s Fault – Agree or disagree, Frum doesn’t pull any punches. I try to stay out of the “news” cycle, but everyday we learn of some oversight or mismanagement that I think it bears a second look.

5. Some Good News – Disney released its beloved Dole Whip recipe.