4/6/20 Power Five

1. Jamie Dimon’s Annual Shareholder Letter – Required reading every year, along with Warren Buffett’s letter. Dimon expects a “bad recession” … “similar to the global financial crisis of 2008.”

2. Former CEO of RadioShack Now ER Doctor – When you retire from a successful business career, why not go to Med school?

3. Greenland Shark Probably Born Between 1501 and 1744 – “Greenland sharks won’t reach sexual maturity until they’re 150 years old….”Because of their longevity, they may still be recovering from being overfished in WW2.”

4. Elizabeth Warren (Still) Has a Plan – President Obama tweets out this article today…should Joe Biden take the hint and name her VP?

5. Pluralsight Releases All Course Content for the Month of April – Learn to code for free this month while we’re all looking for something to do.