4/5/20 Power Five

1. How Sun Valley, Idaho Became a CV19 Epicenter – Resort towns across the U.S have been hit particularly hard. People fly into their vacation homes, bring CV with them and overwhelm small hospitals that lack staff and manpower.

2. On Stewart Resnick, the Biggest Farmer in America – Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting.

3. Investing Through Crises – The Wall Street Journal had the perfect analogy, you survive bear markets the same way you survive a bear encounter…remain calm and avoid sudden moves.

4. Interview with Erik Larson on New Churchill Book – How Churchill and his family survived the Blitz.

5. Harry Potter at Home – We’ve all relied on arts and culture to help get us through quarantine. JK Rowling adds her two cents (& tutorials on how to draw a Niffler).