1/26/20 Power Five – Kobe edition

Can’t believe Kobe is gone. Tremendous talent, drive, and toughness. LA Times had a great article summarizing what millions of people feel around the world.

I would love to see the NBA really do something drastic to honor his life and career. Some ideas:

1. Retire 8 or 24 league wide

2. Redesign the logo featuring Kobe

3. Name the rumored mid season tournament after him

4. Work with the WNBA to set up a female focused scholarship or basketball skills school in honor of his daughter Gigi

5. Kobe was all about maximizing your potential and being the best you can be. The most important thing the NBA can do is invest in inner city basketball programs so all kids have the chance to play this amazing game we all love so much.

There will never be another. Forever Mamba.